What the Inland NW has to offer

The Northwest… it’s an idyllic gem in the minds of many. To dream of Idaho, Oregon, or Washington, is to dream of mountains, ravines, and more trees than thought possible.

The Spokane River – Riverside State Park

Centered in the peaceful city of Spokane, we are mere steps from scenic landscapes, countless pines, and jewel-toned waters. Riverside State Park follows the Spokane River through the bustle of downtown out to the east and west, where the water slows to a lazy pace.

img_2103 img_2107-1 img_2104-1

We have breathtaking views of Lake Coeur d’Alene, Mount Spokane, state parks, and national forests at our fingertips. Kaniksu National Forest, located in Montana, is just two hours from our home in Washington. The forest boasts of grizzly bears, bald eagles, crystal clear waters, and endless wilderness prime for exploration.

Kaniksu National Forest, Montana

On top of its scenery, the Inland Northwest is known for its blue skies and sunny days. With highs in the mid 90s and lazy breezes coming off the water, one can sunbathe in the shallows or relax in the shade. During the summers, the days are long, with the sun slipping below the horizon well after 9:00 PM.

Bowl and Pitcher State Park at 8:15 PM

And, most importantly, the Northwest loves its puppies.

Spartacus, Certified Explorer of all Bodies of Water

Living here is a dream, and this blog will share that dream with you. Give us a follow, and we hope you’ll find something among the evergreens that inspires you.

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