Green Bluff Gold

If I could be granted one wish, October would never end and pumpkin donuts wouldn’t be bad for me. Wait… does that count as two wishes? I might as well find a genie then, and I can tack on a third: cups of warm apple cider for only $2.50!

I visited Green Bluff Farms this weekend with a friend, and let me tell you, fall festivities in Spokane are busy, busy, BUSY! The pumpkin fields were jam-packed with squealing kids and Instagrammers (myself included, of course). There were food trucks, cider stands, and Costco-size bins filled to the brim with colorful gourds.

Walters Fruit Ranch was our first stop. The cloudy skies and brisk breeze lended themselves to cooler weather, so we warmed up with a piping hot cup of apple cider. With our fingers nice and toasty, we wandered around the grounds while live music played in the background, pet the ponies at the pony ride, and spent way too much time taking pictures of the tiny gourds and pumpkins.

This farm definitely has a family feel to it. There are plenty of activities for little kids, like a petting zoo and a barnyard playground, complete with slides and hay bales. If your kids are older, or it’s date night, the u-pick apple orchards and hay rides are a great options for quality time. For the more adventurous types, Walters Fruit Ranch has a corn cannon!

Next, we stopped by Siemers Farm. My friend had come up the weekend before, and was determined to find the famous pumpkin and huckleberry donuts she’d tried during her last visit. Lucky for us, the stand was at Siemers Farm! I got a Manager’s Special (3-and-3 for $7) so I could take some home to my husband (I ate 5 of them on my own, shh), but if you’re not a big eater like me him, try the Manager’s Bite: one of each flavor for only $3.

While you munch, you can stroll through the pumpkin patches, pick out your favorite winter squashes (I’m a huge fan of acorn and butternut squash), and browse the gift shops for local honey or a souvenir! I definitely thought this farm was the place to shop. Aside from their own barns full of goodies, outside venders lined the paths with handmade jewelry, homemade soaps and essential oils, and other household goods.

The busiest place of the day, Harvest House, was bustling with people, and for good reason!

There was so much food to try: BBQ, bratwursts, tacos and burritos. The vendors sold pies, kettle corn, and every kind of candied apple. The smells were mouth-watering. I stopped by the Mac Shack, which smothered just about everything in loaded mac-n-cheese, and had a Beer Brat. Harvest House also had bouncy castles for the kids, tractor rides, a petting zoo, and a five-acre corn maze!

And somehow, with all that was going on and the endless food to sample, I got through the day on just $20. It’s a miracle, I know. Someone tell my husband… just. twenty. dollars.

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